Multistage Paint Correction Project

This beautiful Ibis White Audi R8 came to us with the vision of having as many imperfections removed from the vehicle as possible. The owner was particularly concerned with the scratches on the carbon fiber trim pieces but was also in need of a way to preserve his finish.

Our solution to our customers request introduced him to a multistage paint correction. This was the safest and best option to bring back the vehicles finish. We then introduced him to the Modesta Ceramic coating line. This being a vehicle that is garage kept we guided our customer to Modesta’s BC-04 Nano Titanium infused ceramic coating. This coating boasts a brilliant shine while yielding a true glass layer for up to 10 years. At the customers request he had also wanted his rim faces coated for easy cleaning and chose BC-09 heat resistant coating for the job.

To begin our process the vehicle was pre-rinsed with our DI water and foamed indoors where it underwent a meticulous steam wash with the use of our Fortador Steamer. The vehicle is then air dried and clayed to remove any embedded contamination. Once the vehicle and rims have been washed to our standards it is prepped for its paint correction by taping off all black trim and delicate areas. The vehicle was then corrected to the agreed upon level of desire under high powered lights and the use of many different combinations of pads, compounds and polishes. Upon completion of the correction the prep process for the coating began. The entire vehicle was wiped down with Isopropyl Alcohol removing any left-over residues from the previous steps ensuring the best possible adhesion. The PO1A Glass Primer was now installed. This builds additional coating layer depth and enhances gloss. Once left to cure the coatings of choice are installed and Infrared cured panel by panel.

Upon delivery of the vehicle it undergoes a thorough quality check and receives M1 Shot to help protect the coating in its early stages from the elements as it undergoes further curing. The customer is instructed on proper washing techniques and maintenance of the coating prior to leaving our shop.