Single Stage Paint Enhancement

Our Audi RS7 project came in for a lineup of Modesta nano ceramic coatings. This vehicle needed minimal surface preparation involving only a single stage paint enhancement.

The red leather interior was coated with Modesta’s Leather Protection System. This system is comprised of two parts a base layer and a slider layer. The slider is applied to areas of high concern of wear and tear due to friction. You will feel significant less drag in those areas. The Leather Protection System does not alter the appearance of the leather as well.

This Audi was fitted with Vossen Wheels that he wanted protected. Coating installed was Modesta’s BC-09. BC-09 is a high heat resistant coating that will make cleaning wheels extremely easy for years to come while not breaking down under high stress moments.

This vehicle is garage kept and the customer wanted a coating to be applied that produces tons of gloss that would last as long as he planned on keeping the car. We steered him right over to Modesta’s BC-04 Nano Titanium infused coating. This pure liquid glass coating is the pinnacle of what a coating should be. It produces insane reflections while having a great self-cleaning ability boasting a lifespan of up to 10 years on one single application!

To conclude this project and make sure everything was coated possible the customer had his glass and plastic trim coated for the total Modesta lineup.