Paint Enhancement & Protection

This Ferrari was brought to us in need of correction to many wetsanding imperfections from the factory. We have built a relationship with this customer over the past five years working on several projects with them gaining his trust to allow us to perform such work on his high value vehicle. Our customer believes a Ferrari should be Flawless. That is where we come in.

After carefully going over the vehicle panel by panel with our customer we had noticed improperly finished wet-sanding marks on nearly every panel. The average eye is unable to see this of course but our customer does and wants it fixed.

Our solution to this was to measure the paint’s depth with our gauge and wetsand these areas down uniformly and polish to a high gloss. Our customer wanted this new finish to last as long as possible. We recommended paint protection film but our customer likes the natural finish of paint so we opted for Modesta’s BC-04 Nano Titanium Glass coating. This coating builds a sacrificial layer on top of the clearcoat boasting amazing reflections and boosting its gloss.