A Blast From The Past

This truck from the past was brought to us specifically for preservation of its new paint job. After carefully inspecting the paint and taking depth measurements we noticed a few imperfections worth taking care of. The customer informed us that the vehicle is rarely driven, and garage kept but wants a form of protection that will last with easy Maintenace and within budget.

The specifics of what the customer had wanted made this an easy task of finding the right solution for him. We introduced him to Modesta’s entry level coating BC-08, a neo-silica matrix coating. This coating has traces of zirconium that create a beautiful shine and luster on the paint with great water repellency for excellent self-cleaning properties.

Prior to the install of our Modesta Glass coatings the same process is done for all our coatings to ensure the absolute best bonding through thorough surface preparation. This particular job involved a paint enhancement with multiple steps to really bring this new paint job up to its full potential. While working on the vehicle we had noticed a familiar smell of off gassing that we had experienced in an advanced training course at the RUPES academy. After our paint enhancement was performed, prior to coating we had used our IR lamp to fully cure the paint to ensure no issues would arrive of sealing the paint. As with all our coatings we use Modesta’s PO1A glass primer to build an addition layer of protection and enhance gloss prior to coating. BC-08 was installed and IR cured for maximum hardness.