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PPF Services

What is PPF?

PPF stands for paint protection film also known as “clear bra”. Xpel’s Ultimate Plus is a virtually invisible urethane film that protects your vehicle from unsightly damage caused by everyday road debri and unforeseen accidents that happen while driving. Some of its key features are its ability to self-heal, stain resistance and superior optical clarity. The film can be installed on almost all surfaces including interior finishes and screens.

Why get paint protection film?

Over the past decade we have noticed vehicle’s clear coats get softer causing it more prone to rock chips and damage from road debris. Paint protection film was designed to give you the ease of mind while driving your everyday commutes and help prevent costly repairs from happening in the first place.

Is the film noticeable?

Xpel’s Ultimate Plus is designed to be virtually undetectable by the untrained eye. We will go above and beyond modifying
pre-cut templates to ensure edges will be wrapped where the vehicle allows. The only notable thing you will see is a high gloss finish day after day.

Does the film require special care?

No, however the film will be alot easier to clean if it is coated with one of our Modesta coatings. Ceramic coatings help prevent buildup of contamination on the film’s surface and slow the aging process down, extending the longevity of your vehicle’s paintwork.

Protection Options

Partial Front End: Includes bumper, headlights/fog lights, full hood, Mirrors.
Full Front End: Includes bumper, headlights/fog lights, full hood, fenders, mirrors
Full Car: Includes every exposed painted surface.

Custom options available upon request.