Paint Enhancement & Protection

Our Tesla project came in looking for a total protection package. She wanted the interior leather protected and its beautiful black exterior paint as well.

There are multiple factors that contribute to damaging interior surfaces of a vehicle. Main causes include general wear and tear from getting in and out the vehicle along with damaging rays from our sun causing surfaces to fade. The way we tackle the wear and tear issue is protecting the leather with Modesta’s leather protection system. The system is composed of two parts, a base layer providing a sacrificial layer on top of the leather with an added component to reduce friction to areas prone to damage due to sliding in and out of your vehicle. How did we stop the rays? Xpel’s Prime XR 15% window tint was installed all around this particular vehicle blocking 99% UVA and UVB rays with the added benefit of rejecting approximately 85% Infrared light (heat) keeping this interior cool and comfortable.

Our Tesla’s exterior had a couple obstacles being its an electric vehicle with no grill and a huge painted face. This front bumper will undoubtedly take a beating over the years if left unprotected. Our best option to prevent this from happening is Xpel’s Ultimate Plus paint protection film. This film is a urethane film with self healing properties that protects surfaces from rock chips and other unforeseen hazards while driving your daily commute. Our customer opted for our partial front end package consisting of the bumper, headlights/fog lights, and a full hood. We utilize a hybrid pre-cut pattern to avoid cutting on your vehicle at all cost and wrapping edges where the vehicle will permit. Our goal is to make the film completely undetectable if possible and avoid unsightly lines. Tesla’s are known for their abundance of glass. To leave it untreated would be highly unwise so our customer decided to have it coated in Modesta’s exterior glass coating producing optimum clarity in wet weather conditions and preventing water spotting for years to come. To finish the exterior and seal it up for good we used Modesta’s BC-04 nano titanium infused glass coating. This coating can last anywhere from 5-10 years off a single application depending on how the vehicle is maintained while producing a brilliant shine.