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Window Tinting

We are proud installers of Xpel’s Prime window film. We offer three levels of film to fit everyone’s needs and budget. All our Xpel window film block 99% UVA and UVB rays protecting your health along with your interior finishes from fading. The factor that distinguishes these films apart the most are its ability to reject infrared light. Infrared light is the light we feel and call heat.

Prime XR Plus

Our top of the line ceramic film with the ability to reject up to 98% infrared light! If you’re looking for maximum performance and the cleanest look this is the film for you.

Prime XR

Xpel’s ceramic film with the ability to still reject massive amounts of heat without breaking the bank. This film’s IR rejection is around the 85% range depending on the film of choice.

Prime HP

HP is a hybrid dyed metal construction film offering better heat rejection than traditional dyed film making it a perfect blend of value and performance.